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Inspired by history, geography, travel, occult, fiction.

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Hvar, Croatia
Fall 2002
Hvar, Croatia
Fall 2002

Hvar, Croatia

Fall 2002

The world is full of noise, yeah. I hear it all the time

Throwback Thursday..


Hello here is some information on the music in the most recent episode of Welcome to Night Vale:

Cecil’s intro: Iron Circle from the album Granicha

The Faceless Old Woman background: Avezan from the album Neukrk

Cecil’s interlude: Song for the Other Side from the album Granicha

Michelle Nguyen background: Root Under Stone from the album Granicha

Cecil’s next interlude: Book of Arrows from the album Granicha

Steve Carlsberg intro background: Vortex Shedding from the album Transmutations

Steve Carlsberg reflects on Cecil background: Hvar from the album Transmutations

Steve Carlsberg final section background: Doggerland from Granicha

Cecil’s outro: Iron Circle from the album Granicha

The Weather is an excerpt of Postcard from 1952 by Explosions in the Sky

Also… remember that WTNV fans can use the code “khoshekh” for a 15% discount on Granicha if you purchase from Bandcamp

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Is there any sort of inspiration you draw on to create the symbols used with each track in Granicha, or are they purely from the dark depths of your imagination?

Those symbols were designed by the artist Sumudu Welaratna, I sent her the songs and the lyrics and explained a bit about the concepts behind everything, and she came up with the symbols in response.  

I looked through your archive, and found the post where you put up the sheet music from "The Debate" and "Condos". Would you consider selling sheet music for the rest of your work, with the full scores to pieces like "The Ballad of Fiedler and Mundt" and "Analog" online?

Yes I might do that someday but since most of my music is composed electronically, translating it to sheet music will be a bit strange.  It wasn’t as much of an issue for the live pieces because I rewrote them for the live groups. 

Lady D (at Bear Mountain)
Lady D (at Bear Mountain)

Lady D (at Bear Mountain)

Throwback thursday
Throwback thursday

Throwback thursday

Granicha has been out for over three months and, as far as I can tell, no one at all has discovered the hidden content. 

Anonymous asked:
I was looking at the itunes and soundcloud versions of the Satellite State album and something puzzled me. On the itunes version there are 4 songs at the end called The Snake, Hemophage, Ladarice, and The Fish. On the soundcloud version, these are all absent and replaced with 2 songs, the Sleeper (which sounds a lot like the Fish) and the Scarab. Why is this? (I'm asking because I'm wondering if I should put the Sleeper and the Scarab in with the itunes album, but I don't know the right order.)

Yes… things got a bit mixed up a while back.  Unlike my other albums, Satellite State doesn’t have a concept behind it, it was just the first time I had enough songs that I felt comfortable releasing, so I put them all together and called it an album.  Originally it ended with “Ende”, but those other tracks I sort of retroactively attached to it as I wrote them shortly after the original release and they didn’t quite fit anywhere else.  I also ended up with two different versions of the album somehow and yes The Sleeper ended up with two different names.  So really you can consider everything after Ende to be some sort of “bonus material” I guess and the order is not that important except it’s probably the best if The Sleeper is last due to how it is structured, even though The Scarab was the last one written, chronologically. 

The Way